Now a days inspecting the sense of quality many countries and companies have found out that , if not providing the needs and desires of customers the most wanted and successful products in the word can not be called as ideals.
So the FARHANG SAFFRON corporation has based its efforts on the customers satisfactory . Having long and valuable experiences in producing and technology of SAFFRON.
We have now the honor of using equipment and laboratories adapted by the international standards and

Farhang Saffron Corporation has the most equipped lab for Saffron quality control in Iran.
Controlling the quality of Saffron is done on the base of Iso 3632-1 standard, which includes the whole features and grading of Saffron.

Which guarantees the quality of Saffron production observing the related standard. According to this standard farhang Saffron chemical laboratory observes and measures the cases like moisture amount and the percent of remaining incrustation percent of external materials.
And raw fiber with the scanner and photometry machines in wave length of 257 nm 330 nm and 440 nm it is measured in turns picro crocin (the agent of bitterness of Saffron flavor), safranal (agent of Aroma) and Crocin (agent of color). Recognizing and inspecting of addable colors to Saffron is preformed with the style of T.L.C which is one of the most important chemical experiments on Saffron.
Microbical tests for preventing pollution and reliance of products are done in the process of production, packing and afterwards.


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