Now a days inspecting the sense of quality many countries and companies have found out that , if not providing the needs and desires of customers the most wanted and successful products in the word can not be called as ideals.
So the FARHANG SAFFRON corporation has based its efforts on the customers satisfactory . Having long and valuable experiences in producing and technology of SAFFRON.
We have now the honor of using equipment and laboratories adapted by the international standards and

Saffron which is called Health Flower, king of spices and red gold is the most valuable plant in Iran and comes from the slopes of Alvand Mounts. Growing Saffron in Iran goes back to the years of B.C and it is expanding in the poor raining region of Iran which have cold winters and hot summers.

In addition to Iran more or less it is prevalence in summer countries of the world like Greece, Italy, . More than 90% of world wide producing of product is allocated to Iran and about 96% of its product is in central Khorasan.



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