Now a days inspecting the sense of quality many countries and companies have found out that , if not providing the needs and desires of customers the most wanted and successful products in the word can not be called as ideals.
So the FARHANG SAFFRON corporation has based its efforts on the customers satisfactory . Having long and valuable experiences in producing and technology of SAFFRON.
We have now the honor of using equipment and laboratories adapted by the international standards and

Saffron with the scientific name of "Saffron, Crocus, Sativus, Linnaeus". From the family iridaceae of Iridaceous is a plant with the height of 10-30CM. It is several years old without stem having glandular and spherical shaped bulb.

With diameter of 3-5CM fragrant flower which has one to four pieces in each bundle. It has 3 sepals and 3 petals.
Its color is violet similar to each other. It has also 3 stamens. The red leaves of Saffron are 5 to 11 which come to exultance at the some time or a little later with blossoming. They are green with the width of 1.5-3
mm. The eatable and commercial parts of Saffron stigma is red in 3 branches which forms the product of Saffron.


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